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New York
Family Lawyer

Estelle Roond, Esq.


118-21 Queens Blvd.
Suite 606
Forest Hills, NY 11375


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Domestic Violence

Juvenile Delinquency

Spousal Abuse

Child Abuse

Orders of Protection

Orders of Protection

Orders of Protection

Orders of

Orders of

Family Court Orders

Stalking Charges

Harassment Charges

Spousal Support

Spousal Support
Arbitration & Mediation

Child Custody


Women’s Rights

Fathers Rights

Mediation / Settlement

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DWI Lawyer

Estelle Roond




Forest Hills, Queens
118-21 Queens Blvd - Suite 606
Forest Hills, NY 11375


Right near the Criminal Court

And the Family Court.


This additional office will enable me to better serve you in
both Brooklyn and Queens.


I am also redesigning my website.


While all this is going on, I am in court,

helping someone who might be a victim just like you.


Please call me and tell us how I may assist you.


Please call us and tell us how we may assist you.



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Remember the Photos of the
Family Dreams You Once had?

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family vacation
african-american wedding 150


How Could They Have Become
These Nightmares?


domestic violence woman beating man


rolling pin and frying pan husband and women fight 150


man beating wife cartoon
husband beating wife cartoon
yelling is violence
beaten women never again
domestic violence ddoes affect children
children see the violence

domestic children drawing
child rape
children watching domestic violence
cut and beaten boy
child abuse
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juvenile injustice 225



fight to keep kids out of jail - if not you - then who?



Call New York Family Lawyer Estelle Roond - Right Now


Before You, Your Partner, or your Child Does Something
You Might Regret For the Rest of your Life 

Estelle Roond Is A New York Family Law Attorney

Who Truly Cares About What Happens To YOU !!!

You have nothing to lose by calling her right now.

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Offices in Forest Hills
and Brooklyn, New York



New York
Family Lawyer

Estelle Roond

has been in private practice for over 30 years. She has fought for the rights of countless clients who have found themselves in situations just like yours.

NY Family Lawyer Estelle Roond is a Vice-President of the Kings County Criminal Bar Association. She has held this office for almost 20 years.

She is now very involved with the Family Law Panel in Jamaica, Queens, NY.

The majority of her practice is devoted to helping families find some lasting and
mutually satisfying resolution which, for the rest of their life, will be more of a blessing than a curse.

Her fees are reasonable, she accepts major credit cards and is even willing to work out payment plans for special circumstances.

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call her right now at

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New York Family Lawyer
Estelle Roond


To save
your marriage,
Leave your marriage,
Protect you
from abuse.
Protect your children.
Keep your children.

Whatever it takes to get back some of the dream you once had when you first got together with your loved one.


To Get OUT
of the nightmare
you NOW have.

Family Court Cases
in every Borough
and County
in the State
of New York

Queens, Brooklyn,
Bronx, Staten Island,
Suffolk, Nassau,
Westchester Counties
since 1985.

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Before you say
or do something
you will regret.

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Click Here for the Introductory Guide
to the New York City Family Court

This 52-page New York City Family Court Guide Guide is offered here

as a public service by Family Court Lawyer Estelle Roond

to anyone who finds themselves or a loved one caught up in our Family Court Legal Sytem.


This Introductory Guide to the New York Family Court System was created by
The Association of the Bar
of the City of New York